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Pawan Kumar Singh Welcomes You !  

पवन कुमार सिंह आपका स्वागत करते हैं !

Pawan Kumar Singh

Born : November 1

Life time Member - Press Club of India, New Delhi

Life time Member - Film Writer Association, Mumbai

Media Organizer in Human Protection & Civil Liberty Organization, Mumbai

S/o Late Shri Jamuna Prasad Ji

Mentor & Guide : Late Shri Amritlal Nagar Ji - Renowned Journalist & prominent Hindi writer of 20th century


Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai) – 1st Div

MA (Ancient History) (University of Lucknow)

BA (University of Lucknow)

Active in the field of Media for more than 23 yrs.

I m Author of following books published by:

Aatmaram & Sons, New Delhi

Sahitya Prakashan, New Delhi

Anamika Publication & distributors, New Delhi

Sahtiya Bhandar , Allahabad

Dehshatgarh Mulk America, a book on the terrorist activities of America released on 2 January, 2005 at Press Club of India-New Delhi by Magsaysay Award winner Sandeep Pandey

Pakistan ek Vifal Rashtra Kattarwad, Algaavvaad aur Dange, an analysis of the origin of communal riots in India.

Katori Devi, a real story of a government teacher sitting on dharma for last 27 years seeking justice. She was sexually harassed by government officials and politicians. UP government put a ban on this novel. 1857 Ke Shaheed, a peculiar historical epic, awarded by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan

Historical Research based books-Shahar-E-Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh Sanskriti aur Itihaas

Other historical novels, Ek Aur Laxmibai and Ajeejanbai

Tourism based book, Nepal, Mauritius and

Uttar Pradesh ki Teertha Nagariyaan Kotha, a book on the rich culture of Lucknow’s Mujra

A social novel, Parivartan and

a mock epic, Naya Kshitij

Bharat mein Veshyavritti, a research project on the prostitution practices in India

Child literature-Hamari Pauranik Kathayein (part 1,2,3) and

Romanchkari Itihaas

Jeevan Ke Rang,short stories

Sapanon ke Paanv, a story of a girl struggling to make her identity in the society

Books Published – 22

1857 ke Shaheed (Balkrishna Sharma Navin Puraskar Awardee)

Uttar Pradesh ki Teerth Nagariyan

Uttar Pradesh Sanskriti aur Itihaas

Katori Devi

Naya Kshitij

Sapnon ke Paanv

Jeevan ke Rang


Ek aur Lakshmibai

Kotha (1997)

Ajijanbai (Kabir Samman Awardee)

Bharat me Vaishyavritti

Bharat : Khuli Seemayen, Sulagte Rajya, Ukhde Padosi

Qattarta, Algaavwaad aur Dangey

Vifal Rashtra : Pakistan (ISBN : 81-88491-18-7)

Dahshatgard America (ISBN : 81-7975-108-2)

Meri Mauritius Yatra

Nepal : Sanskriti evam Paryatan (ISBN : 81-85936-07-02) (Srijana Puraskar Awardee)

Kon, Parivartan

Hamari Pauranik Kathayein

Romanchkari Itihas

Patrakarita ka Sach

San Aththarah Sau Sattavan ki Aag aur Kanpur

Awards and Achievements:

Awarded Junior Fellowship 2004 in the field of Hindi Literature for the period of two years from Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Department of Culture, Government of India.

Srijna Puraskar 2003 for the book ‘Nepal’ from Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan

Srijna Puraskar 2005 for the novel ‘Sapnon Ke Paanv’ from Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan

Bal Krishna Sharma Naveen Puraskar 2001 from Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan awarded by Hon'ble Prime Minister Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee Ji

Yuva Sahitya Samman 2000 from Hindi-Urdu Sahitya Award Committee awarded by Ms Sheela Gujral & Raja Gajnafar Ali Khan

Mahadevi Verma Samman by Namita Rehabilitation Research Centre in 1992

Award by Natya Bharati for special research work on history of Lucknow in 1990

Award for specific work in Hindi literature by Munal Bharati in 1989

Acknowledgement prize from International Non-Government Coalition Against Tobacco (INGCAT) in INGCAT World Youth Festival on Anti-Tobacco theme in 1995

Prabuddh Varg Samman

Munal Bharti Samman

Junior Fellowship on Sikkim (2004–2005) – Cultural & Tourism Ministry, Govt. of India

Kabir Samman

Felicitation by Namita Punarwas Shodh Sansthan

International Projects:

Worked on a project of Dev Sanskriti Vishvavidyalaya, Haridwar for the documentation of the lifestyle and situation of Indians living in Mauritius.

Book on this work is already published.

Had an half an hour-long discussion with the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Mr Aniruddha Jagannath on 'Progress of Hindi' at his official residence.

One hour long broadcast transmission from Mauritius radio during stay at Mauritius on the status and contribution of Hindi newspapers and magazines in India for the establishment of Hindi literature.

Completed a research project of Department of Tourism Studies, Lucknow University on Nepal which was released by the Indian Ambassador in Nepal, Mr Deboo Mukherjee in a book form, during the Nepal stay.

Special Projects:

Currently writing 2 comedy films as well as one film on journalism and another TV serial titled "Azeezan bai" on the significant role of "tavayaf" during the fight for independence.


Career Journey:

Outlook Weekly Magazine – Copy Editor

2000-2003  :  Outlook

1996-2000   :  Hindustan

1992-1996    :  Rashtriya Sahara

1991-1992     :  Dainik Jagran

1988-1991     :  Nava Jeevan (National Herald)

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